Lancaster Berlin Raid Transcript

(September 3/4, 1943)


Navigator: Hello Skipper

Pilot: Hello navigator.

Navigator: Half a minute to go.

Pilot: OK, thanks very much.

Bomb Aimer: OK, keep weaving Ken.

Unknown: There's quite a lot of light stuff coming up as well, falling off a bit low.

Pilot: Ah...hello engineer, Skipper here.

Engineer: Yes...

Pilot: Will you put the revs up please?

Engineer: Yeah.

Bomb Aimer: OK, keep weaving.

Unknown: There's a lot of searchlights and fighter planes, Skipper, over there.

Bomb Aimer: Yeah, keep on.

Pilot: OK, boys, OK.

Bomb Aimer: Left, Left... ??, Skipper.

Bomb Aimer: Bomb doors open.

Pilot: Hello Bombardier. OK when you are.

Bomb Aimer: Bomb doors open.

Pilot: Bomb doors open, bombardier.

Bomb Aimer: R-i-g-h-t...

Bomb Aimer: S-t-e-a-d-y...s-t-e-a-d-y...

Bomb Aimer: Bombs going in a minute.

Rear Gunner: Hey, Jerry tracer behind us boys.

Bomb Aimer: Bombs jettisoned.

** GUNFIRE ** (sounds like two separate turrets)

Rear Gunner: ?? Jimmy ??

Pilot: Where is he...ah...rear gunner, can you see him?


Rear Gunner: Down! Down!

Mid-Upper Gunner: Down!

Rear Gunner: He's gone Down! He's gone down.

Mid-Upper Gunner: Yes, he's going down.

Pilot: Did you shoot him down?

Rear Gunner: Yeah.

Mid-Upper Gunner: Yes, he's got him, boy, right in the middle. Bloody good show.

Crew: (cheering and whoops of delight)

Bomb Aimer: Photograph....

Crew: (further cheering)

Bomb Aimer: Photograph taken. Keep weaving, there's some flak coming up with...

Pilot: OK. Don't shout all at once!

Unknown: Alright.

Bomb Aimer: Photograph taken.

Pilot: OK, photograph taken.

Navigator: Hello, Skipper. Will you turn on to 081?

Pilot: Alright. 081, navigator. Don't all speak at once now, keep quiet, it's OK.

Unknown: OK Ken.

Pilot: Ahh...hello, mid-gunner, did you recognize that fighter you shot down?

Mid-Upper Gunner:, I didn't recognize it but it's definitely going down now.

Pilot: Good, Jimmy, I can see him boys, good show! I can see him now.

Unknown: Yeah.

Unknown: Look at him burning doesn't he look lovely?

Pilot: Good show lads now keep your...

Pilot and Unknown together: ...eyes open.

Unknown: OK Ken.