Combat Missions (continued)

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Smoke screen over Emden, Germany, October 2, 1943

Formation leaving coast of continental Europe for home after bombing mission

Crew of Pee Wee II (another plane in our group) after completion of their 25th mission

B-17 formation over English Channel on way to target in France

On difficult mission to Saarbrucken, Germany. Because of engine trouble, the crew flew alone on the way back home from the target, and reached England with only one engine operating

P-47 (Little Abner) which escorted 96th Group over France during a mission

Pete Andreoli, navigator for F. Berry's crew, on practice mission. After war he became district attorney in New York City

Westminster Abbey, in London - favorite destination for crewmen on leave

Westminster Abbey

View from Edinburgh Castle, Scotland. M. Stelzriede spent a week in this city on R&R leave, with two missions yet to complete

Edinburgh Castle

St. Paul's Cathedral

Tower of London

Taxiing for takeoff on mission to "Rocket Coast" of France on Christmas eve 1943. The following five pictures were also taken on same mission

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